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Skating lolita gear

Just been on clobbaonline chasing up an order and I saw this….


I am thinking that I simply MUST get one and turn it into a gorgeous bag to carry my ice skates in!

Now I do think that the brand print replicas are naughty…. but i love the idea of being able to use the cheap source of print material to turn into other things.

If I was a sweet loli I would totally have bought up skirts of the replicas and made loads of cushions… I like the idea of Wondercookie cushions around a kitchen table.

Still holding out for them making a French cafe replica.

secret garden

January is my summer holiday

Hello everyone. My little journal is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment….. I plotting something new but haven't quite found the time to organise myself…… this new thing is going to be very much involved with loli sewing workshops…… ill get there…. soon i hope………

My babies

In the mean time here are my beautiful babies. These puppies are my current big distraction….. I will master 3turns if it kills me.


Happy January

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Wooly decorations

I needed a couple of little zippy sofa projects to humour the creative bit of my brain this week.

“What you knittin, Jess?”

“Cherries!”  …… realisation of the completely useless nature of activity hits!



Pattern can be found here.



Pattern can be found here. I don’t speak Japanese but I do speak crochet!

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Autumn Dresses… inspiration

The unexpected sunny weather has got my prancing around in my favourite white summery outfit….. and thinking about pretty dresses.

I’ve got so much dress fabric in my stash….. I’m being very controlled at the moment and not buy anything more…. tho Louise will confirm that I nearly cracked under a navy blue backed strawberry print on our last trip to Shephards Bush….. boy do I want a pair of navy strawberry bloomers. I’ll should really do a fabric/sewing shopping london guide for all the brilliant cheap places i go to.

I’m loving this design/shape by J&J.

J&J dress

I love that its got that high bust detail with the loose pleats….. and a big full skirt….. with the soft round neckline. I’m thinking of using it as the basic design for the striped fabric I picked up in Paris in January (see below)…. would make a great party frock for the winter!


The question would be whether to cut the stripes on the middle waist panel vertically or horizontally? Horizontally would be better design-wise…..providing I’m not having a ‘fat day’.


Also glancing at the Millefleurs site I saw this…..


Those super bright colours are so much fun….happy happy happy. Its not very often I’m prepared to fork out for full price lolita dresses but this print/design is just glorious. Worth the £170 price tag i recon. I shall endeavour to find out if they do custom sizing as my waist is most definitely not 70cm. Sigh.